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Varsity DJs in a full-service Wedding & Special Event DJ company that provides the ultimate DJ experience. Varsity DJs is the leading Wedding DJ in Michigan. WeddPro Highest Ranking. Varsity has a package to fit any budget.

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Here are a few considerations when choosing a wedding DJ… It’s About You!

When it comes to the music choice it’s really important to make sure your wedding DJ will be playing music that you like. When you consider that the DJ has access to a huge range of styles, it would be a real shame if they played an hour of drum and bass when you and your guests want some good old Wham and Dire Straits! Or, for many people, it would be the other way round. Whichever one it is, find a DJ who will play the music you want to hear.

Experience Counts

Your wedding DJ should be a mix between someone who is considerate of your tastes, but also has a lot of wisdom and experience. They need to know what works, how to structure the dynamics of an evening, and how to work in styles/genres that will suit all the guests. If you can imagine a dinner party of eight guests discussing their music tastes – imagine the diversity in artistes that would be brought to the table. Now imagine this, but with 100 or so of your wedding guests!

Lighting and Equipment

The general idea is the more you pay for a DJ the more gear they should have. This isn’t always true, but it’s a good idea to find out how much lighting they will bring and how large their PA system is. If you want to get even geekier, find out what make their PA system is and do a little online research to see if it’s a good brand. Sounds silly, but there’s nothing worse than a DJ blasting out music through a cheap and over-driven speaker system… painful stuff!

If you are an experienced Wedding Professional with a proven track record of serving couples, we would like to talk to you. Please email for more information. Please note we have an extensive background check and require you to prove your experience and abilities before joining. Only around one half of all applicants are accepted.

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